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GATHER: To bring together

-Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Gather Home was founded in 2017 by Kim Tosi on the premise that our most cherished memories are those moments when family and friends gather - to share an event, a meal, a celebration or even a Tuesday night on the sofa. Our spaces should reflect our lives and personalities and be a welcoming retreat for ourselves and a place in which we feel comfortable bringing people together and are proud to share with family and friends. 


Kim was raised in Maryland and went on to Washington and Lee University in Virginia, with a major in English and concentration in Art History. After graduating, Kim pursued a career in Advertising which brought her to Washington DC, Atlanta, New York City and eventually London. As a newlywed in London, Kim made a career decision to pursue her passion for food and entertaining and went back to school for a degree in Food & Wine. After graduating, she started Lemon Meringue, a catering company that provided corporate catering, private chef services and food for weddings, birthdays, holidays and all manner of events. 


It was while living in London and through her travels that Kim's passion for interior design took hold. She scoured the antique markets of London and throughout Europe looking for unique pieces to fill her home. She frequented art exhibitions and local galleries collecting pieces that would become treasures.  After over 5 years in London, Kim and her husband moved back to New York City and started a family. Kim’s passion for home design, art and entertaining never subsided and only grew as she relocated to the Boston area where she worked at an independently owned interior decorating shop. She was able to put her passions into practice while learning the ropes of the design business and creating comfortable and stylish spaces for her clients. 


Since founding Gather Home, Kim has had the pleasure to work with clients on projects including new builds in Nantucket, home renovations and re-designs in the Boston area, decorating individual rooms as well as consulting on finishes during construction projects. In all projects, Kim enjoys the collaborative creative process with her clients and incorporating their passions, style and priorities in the finished product. Kim seeks to personalize every home with family heirlooms, antique finds, original art and a mix of modern and traditional styles that looks gathered over time. She enjoys bringing clients to galleries and markets so that they can find pieces that speak to them and become treasures within their homes. Kim believes every home should tell a story of the people that live there and she strives to create interiors that reflect her clients, allow them to relax, gather and share their story with family and friends. 


Please reach out to discover how Gather Home can help you re-imagine your spaces. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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